About Us

Founded on: 01.11.2016

Formerly known as the Logistics Department (SHI)

Company size:

– Means of transportation:

75 specialized cars of all types and capacities from 1.4 Tons to 8.0 Tons

– Manage and operate the warehouse system of nearly 10.000 m2 of Son Ha Group.

– Personnel size: 175 people, organized into 04 functional departments

Why choose us?


  • Owning a strong fleet of vehicles is structurally diverse, with unique design and optimum handling capacity.
  • Personnel trained standard, professional style.
  • IT systems are committed to updating new technology.


  • More than 18 years of operation in the specialized logistics sector of Son Ha Group.
  • Teams receive training through the practice, understanding the specific ‘rules of the game’.


  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) & KPIs.
  • Professional management system.
  • The system regulation is consistent and up to date.


  • Commit to the best service quality for customers.
  • Commitment to optimize logistics costs for customers.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of service quality.


  • There is a wide and ever-expanding network of logistics.
  • Having a system of sub-contractors that are professional and ready to serve.


Logistics expected to make up 8-10% of Vietnam’s GDP by 2025

HANOI: Vietnam’s logistics sector is expected to make up between 8% and 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025, Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reported.

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Vietnam develops logistics services for exports

Logistics services play an important role in connecting transportation and socio-economic development.

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